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@neopharmed is the official Twitter profile for pharmaceutical company Neopharmed Gentili S.p.A.

@neopharmed_gentili is the official Instagram profile for pharmaceutical company Neopharmed Gentili S.p.A.

The Twitter and Instagram profiles of Neopharmed Gentili are used to inform citizens about the company’s corporate activities, social responsibility activities, research and innovation activities, to spread awareness on the diseases the company is working to fight, to promote information on health in general and to interact with users.

Neopharmed Gentili operates in a regulated sector (e.g. Law Decree 219/06 and subsequent amendments and additions) which establishes, among other things, the rules for the advertising of medicinal products for human use. For this reason, the profile cannot be used to report any kind of information referring to drugs produced by Neopharmed Gentili S.p.A. or other companies, to adverse events/side effects of drugs, therefore pharmacovigilance reports, or to information on the state of health or on a medical treatment.

Terms and conditions of the Twitter and Instagram profiles