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Our commitment to health and the society we work in

The Neopharmed Gentili Group believes in and is directly committed to promoting a culture of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) aiming at providing a service to the community, by supporting initiatives and partnerships throughout the country as an integral part of its production activity. We want to contribute to the health of the people through a corporate policy which pays attention to the local area and to the social context in which it operates.

In Neopharmed Gentili, we adopt a socially responsible behaviour, which translates into concrete initiatives in support of the community, mainly addressed:

  • to fight social exclusion (initiatives targeted at vulnerable populations);
  • and to promote education and culture (initiatives targeted at young people).

Concerning vulnerable populations, over the last years we have actively supported non-profit organizations whose activities are devoted to help people in need – elderly, poor and disabled people. In 2020, we launched an initiative dedicated to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace, in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, in particular with Goal 10 “Reduce inequalities”. We strongly believe in the power of inclusion to change people’s lives, as well as to create better results for companies.