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According to the Codice Deontologico di FARMINDUSTRIA, each pharmaceutical company must publish the amount value transfers made directly or indirectly to Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organizations on their website every year.

Value transfers are intended as financial contributions such as, for example, accommodation for a Healthcare Professional during participation in a congress, or a fee for a professional assignment, made by pharmaceutical companies to Healthcare Professional and Healthcare Organisations.

The reasons behind the obligation to publish this information are very important. The relationship between the pharmaceutical world and medical professionals is essential for the development of medicine and for collective well-being, albeit it must be managed with respect for the prescriptive and scientific autonomy of medics. Being transparent about the financial contributions made by pharmaceutical companies to Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organisations, is beneficial to avoid misunderstandings about the autonomy of the medical class. Indeed, making these relationships public allows everyone to understand the importance of transparency.

Since the publication of the amounts of value transfers received by individual Professionals constitutes a disclosure of personal data, Neopharmed Gentili S.p.A. and Levante Pharma S.r.l. – like all pharmaceutical companies – have,  in compliance with privacy regulations, left Healthcare Operators the freedom to decide whether or not to consent to the publication of their names in connection with the value transfers received.

The table will report the names and surnames of the Healthcare Professionals, as well as the exact amount received, only if the Healthcare Professional has agreed to the publication of this information. In cases where Professionals have refused to give their consent, the data relating to their transfers of value are included in the aggregate, i.e. in the sum of the total amount paid.

When reading the table, please consider that not all the published transfers of value (with consent from the Healthcare Professional) together with names and surnames, were actually received by the Healthcare Professional. Very often, the pharmaceutical company will have paid the corresponding amount not to the Healthcare Professional but to a supplier (e.g. a travel agency, to cover the travel costs necessary for the Professional to attend a pharmaceutical conference). Furthermore, users are reminded that all data reported on table is the result of a complex cross-examination of data carried out, as instructed by Neopharmed Gentili S.p.A. and Levante Pharma S.r.l., on accrual basis, and therefore some of the amounts published in the table may not have been currently transferred to the Healthcare Professional or the Healthcare Organization indicated.

Payments for services (e.g. fees for services, sponsorships, contributions) are reported excluding VAT. Value transfers arising from service charges (e.g. airline tickets, hotel rooms) are inclusive of VAT. Advanced withholding tax (where applicable) is included. The amounts indicated are expressed in euro (currency of the country in which the data are disclosed).

The amounts of the transfers of value are disclosed in order to meet the requirements of transparency, and they must not be used as support for tax returns of the recipient, which will be sent the certificates required by current legislation.

Neopharmed Gentili S.p.A. and Levante Pharma S.r.l. would like to thank Healthcare Professionals who have chosen to authorise the publication in nominative form of money transfer to them.

For further clarification and to receive more information about the processing of personal data, healthcare professionals can send an email to or to DPO mail address